Karting: (ENG) Heavy rain in Sarno for RMCGF 2016 PreFinals races

Done! The grids for finals are ready to be perfomed on Sarno’s track for Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals

On Friday at Circuito Internazionale Napoli, home of Rotax Grand Finals it was the heavy rain to be the absolute star of the day. In Sarno have been carried out, with this condition, 10 races as PreFinals. The last ones before the Grand Finals. Six classes on track: Micro, Mini, Junior, Max, DD2 and DD2 Masters.
Here the recap of this hectic day.
Micro Max. First raw on grid for dutch drivers R. De Haan on pole with K. Haanen on his side. After, 9 laps at chequerd flag is J. Egozi to gain the victory against 33 micro champions.
Mini Max. On top of the starting grid there has been french V. Bernier. But is the canadian T. Nepveu the winner of this prefinal.
Junior Max. For the PreFinal (A) is P. Minang from Indonesia to start from the pole. Rain, rain to emphatize the show from the track. Winner for this race has been danish M. Lund.
For PreFinal (B) of Junior Max, first raw with T.S. Schmidli from Swiss as pole starter with Italian M. Rosina. Winner of the race has been J. Hoggard from UK.
Max. C. Dreyspring is the poleman in PreFinal (A) that has showed at the end of the race, russian D. Mavlanov as a winner. In the PreFinal (B), first raw with N. Roovers from Belgium and A. Renaudin. After 15 laps is the French Renaudin to gain the victory.
DD2. First spots on grid for F. Kancsar (HUN) and Italian C. Durante. The final result of PreFinal (A) on DD2 class with gearbox, two speed, has been Kancsar. On PreFinal (B), C. Sorensen and C. Leudi on top of the grid. After a great race, winner has been J. Hart from Australia.
DD2 Master. Pole position for brazilian F. Guzzi, very competitive here in Sarno since the early days of RMCGF. But, surprise on PreFinal (A) with the victory to finn A. Ollikainen. On PreFinal (B) first raw of starting grid with canadian S. Campbell and L. Mitchener from Australia. Winner, the flying dutch D. Kroes