Karting: Trofeo “A. Senna” for Sarno’s season closure with big numbers, great races and dramatic turn of events.

At Circuito Internazionale Napoli, Trofeo Ayrton Senna signs the seasonal end of races for the Karting. After an hectic first day, finals showed the best Karting as organization, as motorsport…a pure and fantastic Sarno’s story.

Try to image a failure of the merging, between the wheel nut and the wheel gun…and try to image that after the deal, the driver with its adrenaline boost, won also the race. More of less this is the story of Trofeo Senna, year 2016. Officially, two days of Karting. On schedule Qualifying Practices session and Race 1 on Day 1 and Final phase with other 2 races on Day 2. 204 drivers on track with Race Direction that create 11 class (mix) balancing the vehicles performances.
Hectic the day 1. Hectic most of all for some troubles occorse to chronometers staff. It is a thing who happen in the best families. Problems solved and the race finally goes on in Sarno’s style. Fantastic!
Eyes on KZ2 class where the Circuito’s will be the next stage for the new CIK FIA European KZ season. So, for the QP, best lap for F. Vezzelli (Crg/Modena) at 56.915. In OKJ, is landlord G. Fusco (EvoK/Lke) to mark the pole with 1.01.015. Concening the 60cc Mini (cadetti) nice battle between R. Al Dhaheri (TonyKart/Tm) and G. Minì (Energy/Tm). Then from Rotax, pole position for M. Candela (Junior+Max) and E. Sessa (DD2). Race #1. The 60Mini class start with a roster of 58 drivers. Then create other two groups. For group A, win the race M. Paparo (Praga/Tm) and for group B, is N. Bedrin (TonyKart/Tm) the first on top. For KZ2, winner is G. Palomba (Intrepid/Tm). In OKJ, M. Moretti (TonyKart/Vortex). For the Rotax, great race for L. Rosina (Max), for M. Settimo (Junior) and for E. Sessa (DD2). For the Iame X30, winner for Race 1 is A. Di Cori (X30 Super). Race #2. The battle for the overall standing for Trofeo Senna became hard. For KZ2, M. Pastacaldi (Maranello/Tm) gain the first spot on podium; in OKJ is again G. Fusco the winner; Concerning the Rotax classes, M. Candela score the victory on Max, like M. Narciso on Junior. For DD2 is always a Sessa’ affair. For Iame X30 again and always A. Di Cori on top. Race #3. For the 60ccMini, first raw with M. B. Paparo (FormulaK/Tm) and U. Ugochukwv (Energy/Iame) but G. Minì at the end of a fantastic weekend win the race. In OKJ, thrilling victory for M. Moretti from BabyRace over G. Fusco. On KZ2 class, Pastacaldi leads the group till the seventh lap of ten when at first bend after the starting line the first three drivers closing the race in advance. L. Fuoco (Crg/Tm) with a smart pace, gain the top and win the race. For Rotax classes under the spotlights M. Candela on the Max, S. Narciso on Junior and E. Sessa from DD2. Iame X30 again for Di Cori who climb the Trofeo’s general standing and is the overall winner of Trofeo Ayrton Senna edition 2016. Keep in touch for the Karting with Circuito Internazionale Napoli, Sarno’s track and see you for 2017 season!