Sarno’s track serves up a great event on long-awaited return to action with the WSK Euro Series Karting.

The track with volcano Vesuvius as background it is officially alive with the sound of WSK’s karts engines. Three days with a fantastic and (we hope) safe environment. A signal that represent in the best way the Italian strenght to fight the pandemic with cooperation of all the actors of the sport of this week end.

What a race! And what a event! The WSK Euro Series was the perfect way for the karting at Sarno to return after the long hiatus caused by the stop due the coronavirus pandemic.

Anyway, start on Friday with free practices, official/Qualify practices and the first race as Eliminatory heats for all four classes involved in the events. The 60cc Mini, the direct drive 125cc OKJ and 125cc OK (that will be on Sarno’s stage on next August for the Italian round of FIA Karting EU Championship) and the 125cc KZ2, pinnacle of Karting classes. With an amount of 175 drivers from 34 countries from all over the world. On Saturday, 20 races stilla as a Heats and finally on Sunday the PreFinal races and the Finals in the afternoon.

From the track, on Friday, Circuito’s lap records axed. On the 125cc OKJ class, Italian driver Brando Badoer (Kr/Iame/Vega) set a great 57.765. On the 125cc OK, was the turn of English driver Oliver Gray (Leclerc by BirelArt/Tm/LeCont) with its 56.520 and great performance also for French Adrien Renaudin (SodiKart/Tm/Vega) with 55.389 on KZ2 class, vehicle with gearbox. Sarno’s track lenght 1547 mt.

Really important data (al least for class 125cc OK and OKJ) thinking next International race on Sarno in second part of August where Circuito will be the home of Italian round of FIA Karting Eu Champ’s.

For the Saturday, after the long serie of race, for the first of the four classes involved in the event, the 60ccMini, thumbs up for Japanese K. Nakamura (KR/Iame/Vega), for the Polish J. Przyrowsky (id) and for his fellow countryman M. Gladysz (Parolin/Tm/Vega). On OKJ class, Italian B. Badoer confirm his potential ahead Finnish T. Taponen (TonyKart/Vortex/Vega) and Czech I. Cepil (KR/Iame/Vega). On OK class, British O. Gray, Finn M. Valtanen (KR/Iame/LeCont) and T. Barnard (id). Always spectacular the performances in KZ2 class and under the spotlights for day two: Finn S. Puhakka (TonyKart/Vortex/Vega), Italian R. Longhi and G. Palomba (BirelArt/Tm/Vega), A. Renaudin and French J. Iglesias (FormulaK IPK/Tm/Vega).

Here the final races for first round of WSK Euro Series in Sarno.

Mini 60cc. Pole Position or first spot on grid for: K. Nakamura. Eight lap of race Finale and at the first chequered flag of the event, the victory was for the little Jap Champion. Great weekend! On podium also Russian D. Matveev (Energy/Tm/Vega) and bronze for J. Przyrowsky.

OKJ 125cc. First raw for T. Taponen and for I. Cepil. 13 lap of race and great show on track where Italian from Sicilia, driver A. Spina (KR/Iame/Vega) confirm his potential and set a great victory ahead already mentioned I. Cepil and T. Taponen.

OK 125cc. Waiting the green lights for the start, lead the group O. Gray with Finnish J. M. Valtanen (KR/Iame/LeCont). 17 laps for the race. Gray win crowned a fantastic Sarno’s experiences since the Friday. He compose a podium with Italian A. K. Antonelli (KR/Iame/LeCont) second and third J. M. Valtanen.

KZ2 125cc with gearbox. Pinnacle of Karting. Incredible fast class with the strongest and pure Karting drivers. Pole position after the weekend performances for Italian R. Longhi (BirelArt/Tm/Vega) ahead Finnish S. Puhakka for the TonyKart powered by Vortex. 17 laps of thunder with the amazing sound of the KZ class engines. At the end, Longhi win, recordman French Renaudin second and the great landlord G. Palomba (BirelArt/Tm/Vega) third. What a show!