KARTING: WSK Super Master Series (I) 2018 – INT

Marco Adigò (KZ2) wons the first of two in a row races in Sarno of WSK Super Master Series 2018. Other winners are N. Nielsen (OK), G. Minì (OKJ) and T. Kucharczyk (60ccMini).

For the Karting, in Sarno (Sa, ITA) along the weekend race weather’s been patchy even if only during the final day on Sunday rain affect the event in the morning. Starting from last Friday, first day of official racing activities, on schedule the QPractices for all four classes involved from 60ccMini through the OK and OKJ to the iper KZ2 with gearbox. Plus the first races as QHeats. On leader board for the pole positions of this first Sarno’s WSK round: Polish T. Kucharczyk (Parolin/Tm) set the best time in 60ccMini with Brazilian G. Bortoleto (CRG/Tm) on 125cc OKJ, Czech R. Stanek (Kosmic/Vortex) in 125cc OK and Italian M. Ardigò (TonyKart/Vortex) on KZ2. Day two on Saturday with 23 races as Q. Heats. Italian driver G. Minì (Parolin/Parilla) in OKJ class, set during a race the fantastic 58.776 good to become the new lap record for his class on Sarno’s track. With Italian, under the spotlight for day 2, in OKJ, Brazilian Bortoleto and P. Aron. For OK class, on top Danish N. Nielsen. In 60ccMini Norwegian M. Stenshorne (Parolin/Tm) and M. Ardigò (TonyKart/Vortex) on KZ2. The first WSK Sarno’s round for 2018 season has scored 244 driver as participant divided in the usual four classes. On Sunday, the last conclusive races with prefinals for each classes able with their result to compose the grid for the finals. Then, in the 60ccMini, for the finals first raw with K. Pasiewcz (Energy/Tm) and A. K. Antonelli (id), for the OKJ first spot on grid for G. Bortoleto and on his side K. Smal. J. Edgar from Forza Racing and L. Travisanutto for OK and last but not least M. Ardigò from the pole with other Italian P. Ippolito (LenzoKart/Lke) in KZ2 class. First Final on schedule for OKJ. 13 laps with hectic moments on the first laps and on the end of the race. Great result for Italian G. Minì (Parolin/Parilla) who grab the first positition and keep it till the end with Bortoleto who close at third place on podium after a really hard race and congratulation to E. Mallet for the second position. Scrolling the schedule, here the OK final on 17 laps. Excellent race condition and great show with Danish N. Nielsen (TonyKart/Vortex) who lead as well the race from the beginning reaching the top and closing in P1 at the end with Spanish from CRG, P. Hiltbrand on winner’s bumper and so, second on podium and German H. Janker at third place. It is the turn of faster KZ2 class. Race also in 17 lap. Pole man from Tony Kart Ardigò, make a great start keeping the position. Along the race laps, on top, an amazing performance of Karting Italian “tricolore” arrows with Palomba, Iacovacci and Ippolito plus the leader. On second part of the race, Finnish S. Puhakka (TonyKart/Vortex) take the place of Iacovacci on third position and here the podium. The king Ardigò is back and win the race with Palomba and Puhakka to close the podium. Close the event, the race for Final of 60ccMini class. 8 laps with the winner from Poland, T. Kucharczyk.