KARTING: WSK Super Master Series (II) 2018 – ENG

Marco Adigò (KZ2) scores double in Sarno in the final round of WSK Super Master Series 2018.

WSK Super Master Series ends its season in Sarno with a double consecutive round and with an amount of over 500 drivers on track on the four classes. No rest at Circuito where all is almost set for the incoming opener of cik FIA Championship on April 22nd weekend!

Just after a week again from Sarno, Circuito Internazionale Napoli in Italy for the last seasonal round of WSK. This time, 269 drivers as participants that since the first official operation on track on Friday, has showed great performances accomplice the excellent weather condition.
First results of the weekend with the Friday’s Qualifying Practices where M. Matveev (Crg/Tm) in 60ccMini marks the best timing. With him also on top, Italian A. Spina (id) in 125cc OKJ class; driver from Barbados Z. Maloney (FaKart/Vortex) in 125 OK class and for other Italian M. Viganò (TonyKart/Vortex) in 125 KZ2 class.
The day after on Saturday, the usual and long straight of races as Qualifying Heats. In the 60ccMini at the end of the operations with the Heats, always a wide range of name for the finals. Russian Matveev confirms his performances but also under the spotlights Romanian A. Iancu (Maranello/Tm), Swedish J. Bergstrom (IP Karting/Tm). Concerning the class OKJ, P. Aron (FaKart/Vortex) marks three races with its winning pace. Also Brazilian G. Bortoleto (Crg/Tm) seems to be very competitive with Italian G. Minì (Parolin/Parilla) and Russian V. Lomko (Kosmic/Parilla). For the “Seniors” of OK class great battle between German H. Janker (KR/Parilla) and Danish N. Nielsen (TonyKart/Vortex) but what a day for Italian L. Coluccio (BirelArt/Tm). Last but not least the fastes KZ2 class where again M. Viganò is the master!
Last day. That represent the core of the entire event and looked the standing, of the entire WSK Super Master Series 2018 season. On the best available stage. Sarno’s track on Sunday. First final on schedule for the OKJ class. Here another track record updated. Data from P. Aron with his 58.384 on the 1547 mt of Sarno’s track. Anyway, first row on grid with Aron in pole and T. Barnard. 13 laps. Hectic race because general standing still keep the name of the winner. At the end, Aron wins the race ahead Botoleto and Barnard but Italian G. Minì with his fifth position wons the series.
The OK class performed the second final. First row for Janker and Nielsen. Janker will leads the race along the 17 laps. On his back are the drivers from the first row to burn the tarmac for the motor show. At the end, the podium saw Janker as winner, D. Vidales (TonyKart/Vortex) and N. Millel (id).
Incredible show in the KZ2 class where M. Ardigò here in Sarno score double. He was the winner of last week WSK round and again close P1 on this ultimate round of the series. On 17 laps another awesome race also for the drivers behind the winner with A. Irlando (SodiKart/Tm) that fights with P. De Conto (Crg/Tm) for the second place. Battle for Irlando at chequered flag. And what a surprise at last laps where P. Hajek (Kosmic/Vortex) stole the third place to De Conto.
Last final on schedule for the 60ccMini. What a fantastic racing harvest this season. All the roster very competitive and with a great approach to the competition despite the young age. Reach a great victory, Danish M. Stenshorne (Parolin/Tm).